Property Division

San Jose Property Division Attorney

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Virtually any California family law attorney should be able to provide you with a basic knowledge and understanding of California community property laws. Having an attorney who knows how to apply those laws to your situation and to your best advantage is something different.

At Martha J. Olson & Associates, our lawyers have extensive training and experience in resolving complex property division issues. If you live in Santa Clara County and are thinking about getting a divorce, we can help make certain that your property rights and interests are correctly asserted when it comes time to divide the marital estate.

Valuation of Tangible and Intangible Property

An item of property may have value, but that value may not always be easily discernible. Financial assets such as a retirement accounts, investment accounts, and bank accounts present no problems. But what is the value of unimproved land? Of a business? Of stock options for a company yet to go public? Of an art collection? Or of a professional degree?

If those assets have been acquired during a marriage, then upon divorce or the dissolution of the domestic partnership, they must be valued and the value divided as part of the settlement. In addition, locating hidden assets and resolving issues of quasi-community property (property owned in other states or countries) must also be addressed if they apply to your situation.

The lawyers at Martha J. Olson & Associates regularly advise clients in valuation matters involving tangible and intangible assets as well as quasi-community property. In highly complex matters, we can draw upon a network of forensic accounts, appraisers, business valuation experts, and other financial specialists to provide expert guidance in property division matters. Using our experience in combination with these professionals, we can be more effective in protecting your property division rights and interests in the courtroom.

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