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As science has advanced, paternity law and societal attitudes have changed too. As a result, paternity issues have become more complicated. But while the issues may be more difficult to sort out, establishing paternity has never been easier. In recent years, blood tests have become obsolete, as DNA is now obtained by taking a simple and painless tissue swab.

At Martha J. Olson & Associates, we stay informed of developments in this emerging area of the law and represent both mothers and fathers with paternity suits in courtrooms throughout Santa Clara County.

Protecting the Woman’s Rights

A large portion of our work in this area has been in establishing the identity of a father in the eyes of the law so that the mother can begin collecting back child support payments. When both parents have a positive and cooperative attitude in establishing fatherhood, or when the father can be easily located, this is a straightforward process. Our paternity attorneys can provide efficient and cost-effective results. When the father is missing, lives in another state, or is stationed abroad, this presents practical obstacles. However, these obstacles can be overcome. We have extensive experience in establishing paternity for clients who are mothers.

Protecting the Man’s Rights

Fathering a child outside of marriage can carry the responsibility of child support, but does not necessarily grant the father any rights to a relationship with the child. In California, these are separate matters handled by different courts. If you are the father of child for whom you provide no support; or if you have been declared the father, pay child support, and wish to foster a relationship with the child; Martha J. Olson & Associates can help in establishing parental rights for you.

In other cases, a mother will mistakenly or even fraudulently name a man the father of her child; when in fact, he is not. In these situations, as paternity attorneys we can determine the facts through paternity testing so that the man, who is not the father, is not liable for child support requirements.

Whatever your situation, we can establish the facts, assert your rights, and protect your interests at every juncture.

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