Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

San Jose Domestic Violence Attorney

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If you are in a troubled relationship, some things are important for you to know. First of all, no matter what your abuser may have told you, you are not responsible for the abusive behavior. Second, domestic violence escalates over time; it will not get better through inaction. Lastly, you do not have to suffer threats, intimidation, assault, or other forms of family violence or abuse. You can protect yourself and you can make choices that will improve your live and give you hope for a brighter future.

At Martha J. Olson & Associates, we can help. As a firm, we represent victims of domestic violence in the San Jose area and throughout Santa Clara County. Incidents of domestic violence, abuse, or Code 3044 events can happen in all types of relationships—in a marriage, in a dating relationship, in a domestic partnership, and even through casual acquaintance.

The facts are that domestic violence can involve people of all religious, social, and ethnic backgrounds. The perpetrator can be anyone as well—husbands, wives, lovers, roommates, relatives, neighbors, and total strangers included. Our lawyers can take immediate action to protect you, your children, and other family members from this type of behavior.

As experienced family law attorneys, we have seen many cases of domestic and spousal abuse. When violent or abusive situations involve children, the abuse is especially troubling because it can inflict mental scars that last a lifetime. If you or your child is suffering abuse, you need to act quickly, for your safety and that of your children. The existence of family abuse can seriously affect your rights in child custody matters. In fact, if you are a parent and fail to report child abuse, your child custody rights may be taken from you.

Men can be the victims of domestic violence, too. Unfortunately, however, they are often put at a disadvantage due to their reluctance to come forward. Nevertheless, domestic violence laws apply to everyone, men included. If you or a loved one have suffered abuse or threats, seek the advice of an experienced domestic violence attorney. Martha J. Olson & Associates can file an order of protection (restraining orders) immediately, and we can direct you to social service and counseling professionals to help you deal with the negative emotional effects of your experience.

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